Sonofdov – “A Low Hush Keel”

A Low Hush Keel artwork

This week Sonofdov released a new single titled “A Low Hush Keel”.  This song was written and recorded in the spring of this year and is the first song in a set of new recordings.  Being surprised with this new single made my day and listening to “A Low Hush Keel” makes my ears smile.

“A Low Hush Keel” opens with the crisp sole sound of a prominently strummed acoustic guitar.  Next, comes the lull of those beautifully harmonious oohs.  Then, the main attraction, the unassertive yet noticeably sincere timbre of Sonofdov’s (singer-songwriter Dennis King) voice. You might recognize the chorus from Sonofdov’s previously released single, “Night Vision”.  The familiarity of the chorus only adds to the musical cohesion.

Lyric-wise “A Low Hush Keel” adheres to Sonofdov standards—solid songwriting by way of bold imagery with a touch of mystery.  I mean, don’t the lyrics “but darkness is the devil and the devil was her friend” make you pause and think?  And the quiet plea “please don’t lose control” is repeated just enough times to make you believe in its importance.

While listening to this song you might feel like a spectator in someone else’s life, almost like a scene out of a movie, and you’ll be glad that you were there to witness it.  “A Low Hush Keel” is the embodiment of a peaceful timeless world and the kind of song that you might listen to if you needed an escape.

“A Low Hush Keel” is available now for download via


Photo / Video Recap: Val Emmich & The Veeries at The Saint 07-01-17

Val Emmich & The Veeries 07-01-17 - The Saint

Last night I saw Val Emmich & The Veeries at The Saint (Asbury Park, NJ) and it was a fantastic performance. I hope these photos and videos capture some of that live experience. If not, it’s always best to witness these performances in person. See you at a show!


Val Emmich & The Veeries “Leave The Past Behind” at The Saint 07-01-17

Val Emmich & The Veeries “Sidekick” at The Saint 07-01-17
Val Emmich & The Veeries “Lucky Ones” at The Saint 07-01-17
Val Emmich & The Veeries – “Ain’t Going Nowhere” at The Saint 07-01-17

Val Emmich & The Veeries at The Saint - July 1, 2017


Live Recap: Val Emmich ‘The Reminders’ Book Release Concert

Val Emmich 'The Reminders' Book Release Concert

Val Emmich’s ‘The Reminders’ Book Release Concert (presented by Little City Books) was last night (June 3, 2017) at Maxwell’s Tavern in Hoboken, NJ and it was a fantastic celebration. I hope these photos and videos give you an idea of what the event was like. Last night was so wonderful and was definitely one of those rare nights that you wish you could live over and over again. Wow!


More videos from the Book Release Concert: “Ain’t Going Nowhere” and “Unstable”

Val Emmich 'The Reminders' Book Release Concert


The JMTpod Future

Just Music Thoughts podcast

Apologies for not presenting the Submit-A-Song portion of the Just Music Thoughts podcast with all the fanfare and publicity that it rightfully deserves. My lackluster approach did not incite the excitement and passion that I truly have for this project. Please let me explain.

When I finally figured out the aim/focus of Just Music Thoughts and how “connecting with our music world” was it I knew a podcast would finally make sense as medium to pursue. Yes, that podcast that I always knew I wanted to create finally had a purpose. What better way to connect with our music world than to talk with the people that inhabit it. I want to talk with everyone and anyone that has some connection with our music world. A podcast sounds like a perfect way to share these conversations. And that is what the talk portion of the JMTpod will cover.

Clarification: what is “our music world”?
This blog and all its efforts are heavily Philly influenced because that is the immediate music world that encompasses us. You will notice that a lot of our content focuses on Philadelphia, PA. But, we always have ears for music emerging from nearby areas and artists touring in the Philly area. So, we might be Philly focused, but we will never let that impede our music discovery nor stop us from sharing any music that inspires/influences us.

The special all-music episodes are why Submit-A-Song is necessary. I want to feature your music so listeners can hear for themselves the soundscape of our music world. This will allow us to go beyond our playlisting effort, Songful Sundays, and give us a better opportunity with our music curation.

** We have eliminated the Submit-A-Song form. Please visit our Contact page for more details.**

Be on the lookout for a new campaign and a greater effort to promote the JMTpod. If you could please share this post with your friends or anyone you think might be interested please do—we would appreciate it greatly.

Thank you to those who have already submitted their music. We will listen to everything and try to feature as much music as possible in a future music episode. We hope many more will decide to contribute to our music library.

More podcast guest/song submission details on our Contact page.


Val Emmich Releases Debut Novel, The Reminders, on May 30th

Preorder The Reminders by Val Emmich
On Tuesday, May 30th, The Reminders, the debut novel by Val Emmich will be released. “The Reminders is a hilarious and tender exploration of loss, memory, friendship and renewal.” Grief-stricken over his partner’s death, Gavin sets fire to every physical reminder in the couple’s home. A neighbor captures the ordeal on video, turning this unsung TV actor into a household name. Now, Gavin is fleeing the hysteria of Los Angeles for New Jersey, hoping to find peace with the family of an old friend. Instead, he finds Joan. What happens when a girl who can’t forget befriends a man who’s desperate to remember?

My interest in this novel as a music blogger goes far beyond the fact that preordering the novel gets you a special download of The Reminders EP (Music Inspired By The Novel)—featuring covers of a few The Beatles songs in true Emmich style. But in my unfaltering support of the immensely talented person that Val Emmich is. Honestly, I know that songwriting and novel writing are only distant relatives at best when it comes to the writing family but knowing the depth, emotion, and compassion that Val Emmich brings to his songwriting makes me absolutely believe in his novel writing ability. Also, I’m certain that this The Reminders (Sample) will undeniably pique your interest.

To celebrate the release of The Reminders Val Emmich has several upcoming events scheduled.
Val Emmich - The Reminders Tour
See you at a concert and or book reading!

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