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Songful Sundays 02-12-17

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Songful Sundays 02-12-17

I kind of ditched the theme aspect of Songful Sundays. I’ll continue to post songs as they come to me. Some songs might be new finds while others will be past faves but all will be worth a listen. Enjoy!

In a Black Out – Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam
All You Ever Wanted – The Black Keys
I Knew You When – Ike
Love Always Remains – MGMT
Spineless – Jealousy Curve
Angel Down – Lady Gaga
What Can I Do For You? – Illinois
Wake Up – The Walkmen
Change Of Scenery – Val Emmich
Don’t Follow Me – Overlook, Billy Roach
Goshen ’97 – Strand of Oaks
Last Words – Quick Step John

More songs coming to Songful Sundays next week!


Update: 02-10-17

blog updates


I wanted to take a moment to let everyone know what is going on behind the scenes and things in the works with Just Music Thoughts.  As you may know, Just Music Thoughts is a music blog.  We are Philly based.  And by “we” I really mean me.  The person behind Just Music Thoughts is only me, a music-lovin’ wallflower with the initials JMT—coincidence?  No.  Anyways, enough about me.  Just Music Thoughts’ mission is to connect with the music world.  So, being Philly based means Philly will take precedence but all music is welcome regardless of place of origin.

Ok, so what are we working on? 

More Live Recaps.  If you have a show and are willing to let us cover it by taking photos and videos with a short write-up to follow, then get in touch with us.  Please send your show info to hello[@]justmusicthoughts[.]com.

Podcast.  I have wanted to create a podcast for some time.  I finally figured out the format I want.  There are still A LOT of details to work out.  Wish me luck.  I can tell you that this podcast will feature many people of all different aspects of the music world.  I’m excited.

Songful Sundays returns.  Each Sunday there will be a new set of songs added to our Spotify playlist.  You never know what you might hear and what new faves you might discover.  Yes, there is a slight downside—I’m limited to only the songs on Spotify.  They have a vast collection of music but not everything.  UGH!

Album reviews.  I can’t guarantee that my album (ep or single) reviews will be the best but I will try my best.  I find album reviews to be the hardest piece of music critique to write.  If I have something to say about an album and I collect my thoughts, then I’ll give album reviews another chance.

Feel free to contact JMT via email: hello[@]justmusicthoughts[.]com.

Best regards,


Live Recap: Mondo Cozmo / Hemming at Boot & Saddle (02/01/17)

Last night Mondo Cozmo played for a sold-out crowd at Boot & Saddle (Philadelphia, PA).  After a few minutes of an intro song that the band (featuring some members of Illinois) was playing Mondo took to the stage as the crowd cheered.  The opening song was “Plastic Souls” and in my head I was screaming “THAT’S MY JAM!”  Somewhere towards the middle of the set they played “Hold On To Me” (see video below).  And the last song of the night was “Shine” a positively uplifting tune that is awe-inspiring.  “Shine” was performed with special guest vocals by Iris and she was great.  I only wish that the set was longer but I understand a new artist doesn’t have an entire catalog of songs to perform.  Oh well, I think they should have used the repeat option and played the entire set again.  If we can repeat recorded music, then I say that should be a live music option too.  Think about it.

Hemming was the opening act.  Last night was my first time ever hearing Hemming’s music and I really liked it.  I liked it enough that I bought her cd.  I’m going to make sure I catch some more of her shows.


Overall, it was an excellent night of music and my ears are still smiling.


Mondo Cozmo / Hemming 02-01-17


Live Recap: Val Emmich at Rockwood Music Hall 01/18/17

It’s rare that I would take such a short trip to NYC, I was only in town for a few hours, but when Val Emmich plays Rockwood Music Hall I had to be there. The show started at 7:00PM sharp as advertised.  Emmich’s set included “Leave The Past Behind” an original song from The Reminders EP (music inspired by the novel) and “Across The Universe, a cover of the Beatles classic that can be found on that same EP.  The rest of the set comprised of a mix of songs from Val’s catalog.  All in all, it was a fantastic set of music by Val and band tonight at Rockwood Music Hall.  May I reiterate, I wholeheartedly believe—everyone can use some Val Emmich music in their life.

The following are photos and a video from tonight’s show.  Please check them out!

Val Emmich 01-18-17

Have something to add to this post?  Please add it in the comments.


Live Recap: Nicky P & Friends Fundraiser at Underground Arts 01/06/17


It’s a new year and although the weather outside can be cold and frightful I have the unquenchable need to return to some serious show-going.  After all, it is my favorite pastime.

So, my first show of 2017 was Friday night at Underground Arts for the Nicky P & Friends Fundraiser.  This fundraiser was the third event of its kind and “January 6th, 2017 we will be celebrating the anniversary of my father’s lung transplant. It’s to the day which couldn’t work out any better.” I attended the event for the live music and being able to contribute to the fundraiser made the night a win-win.

The following photos provide a visual highlight of the performances by Nicky P, Archawah, and Former Belle.  These artists provided a great night of live music and all for a good cause.  Yes, it was an excellent way to spend a Friday night.

Nicky P & Friends 01-06-17

View photos here.
Did you attend this show? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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