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Apologies for not presenting the Submit-A-Song portion of the Just Music Thoughts podcast with all the fanfare and publicity that it rightfully deserves. My lackluster approach did not incite the excitement and passion that I truly have for this project. Please let me explain.

When I finally figured out the aim/focus of Just Music Thoughts and how “connecting with our music world” was it I knew a podcast would finally make sense as medium to pursue. Yes, that podcast that I always knew I wanted to create finally had a purpose. What better way to connect with our music world than to talk with the people that inhabit it. I want to talk with everyone and anyone that has some connection with our music world. A podcast sounds like a perfect way to share these conversations. And that is what the talk portion of the JMTpod will cover.

Clarification: what is “our music world”?
This blog and all its efforts are heavily Philly influenced because that is the immediate music world that encompasses us. You will notice that a lot of our content focuses on Philadelphia, PA. But, we always have ears for music emerging from nearby areas and artists touring in the Philly area. So, we might be Philly focused, but we will never let that impede our music discovery nor stop us from sharing any music that inspires/influences us.

The special all-music episodes are why Submit-A-Song is necessary. I want to feature your music so listeners can hear for themselves the soundscape of our music world. This will allow us to go beyond our playlisting effort, Songful Sundays, and give us a better opportunity with our music curation.

** We have eliminated the Submit-A-Song form. Please visit our Contact page for more details.**

Be on the lookout for a new campaign and a greater effort to promote the JMTpod. If you could please share this post with your friends or anyone you think might be interested please do—we would appreciate it greatly.

Thank you to those who have already submitted their music. We will listen to everything and try to feature as much music as possible in a future music episode. We hope many more will decide to contribute to our music library.

More podcast guest/song submission details on our Contact page.


Val Emmich Releases Debut Novel, The Reminders, on May 30th

Preorder The Reminders by Val Emmich
On Tuesday, May 30th, The Reminders, the debut novel by Val Emmich will be released. “The Reminders is a hilarious and tender exploration of loss, memory, friendship and renewal.” Grief-stricken over his partner’s death, Gavin sets fire to every physical reminder in the couple’s home. A neighbor captures the ordeal on video, turning this unsung TV actor into a household name. Now, Gavin is fleeing the hysteria of Los Angeles for New Jersey, hoping to find peace with the family of an old friend. Instead, he finds Joan. What happens when a girl who can’t forget befriends a man who’s desperate to remember?

My interest in this novel as a music blogger goes far beyond the fact that preordering the novel gets you a special download of The Reminders EP (Music Inspired By The Novel)—featuring covers of a few The Beatles songs in true Emmich style. But in my unfaltering support of the immensely talented person that Val Emmich is. Honestly, I know that songwriting and novel writing are only distant relatives at best when it comes to the writing family but knowing the depth, emotion, and compassion that Val Emmich brings to his songwriting makes me absolutely believe in his novel writing ability. Also, I’m certain that this The Reminders (Sample) will undeniably pique your interest.

To celebrate the release of The Reminders Val Emmich has several upcoming events scheduled.
Val Emmich - The Reminders Tour
See you at a concert and or book reading!


Photos: Methyl Ethel, Blonder, Archawah at Boot & Saddle (04/21/17)

Archawah at Boot & Saddle

These are some of the photos I took at the Methyl Ethel / Blonder / Archawah show last night at Boot & Saddle. There is minimal post editing if any. Maybe my novice photography shills show but in this case I felt like editing these photos would not enhance them any. Well, photography is a form of art and my choice not to edit could be wrong. Anyways, I attended the show to see Archawah, an established favorite band of mine. However, I did stay to hear Blonder’s and Methyl Ethel’s sets. I enjoyed all the music I heard that night. And I might have found some new fave bands. YES!!!

Methyl Ethel / Blonder / Archawah @ Boot & Saddle

Have your own show thoughts? Please tell us in the comments.


Album Review: Space Pizza – ‘Space Pizza’

Space Pizza self-titled

Album Review: Space Pizza – ‘Space Pizza’

The newest, self-titled, Space Pizza album is a fun and lively five track ride that travels from everyday matters to those deemed private or even taboo. This is rock and roll/indie rock that touches on psychedelic grooves and experimental elements. At some point, I thought I heard video game music samples. If not at other moments, the end of the second track clearly exemplifies a space rock sound. Anyways, whether you truly connect with the subject matter or not the catchy, infectious style of this music is hard to resist.

Space Pizza is a rock and roll quartet from the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA. Said to be, or simply self-proclaimed, “the ultimate party band outside of Philadelphia.” The band consists of members: Craig Labor (drums/vocals), Sean Lally (guitar/vocals), Adam Pluchino (bass/vocals), Mike Ritz (guitar/vocals). I’m not sure how many releases this band has thus far but their Bandcamp page has three other albums/eps. I gave a few of those albums a quick listen and the sound, vibe, and style seems to be consistent with this album.

This self-titled album by Space Pizza was brought to my attention and I’m not sure if I would have found it on my own, but it has been a fun listening experience. So, if you’re in need of some energetic tunes, that are sonically serious, yet bursting with fun then you owe it to yourself to give this album a listen. And just like a delicious pizza, Space Pizza’s self-titled album travels well.

Space Pizza: Bandcamp | Facebook | Instagram

Lyric For Lyric

Lyric For Lyric: Archawah – “Let It Go By”

Lyric For Lyric - Archawah

“Let It Go By” – Archawah
I should do something about it
Like when I see it coming
I should roll out a red carpet
But I’m just not sure about it
She probably don’t even remember my name

Just let it go by

And the first time I saw you
I swear I started dancing in my head
And I don’t know your name yet
But that is a face no one will ever forget

Just let it go by

So when I see ya comin’
I’m gonna budge to the front of the line
And I don’t have a game plan
So what can I say that brings you into my life?

Just let it go by

Let it go by

Just let it go by

Former Belle, Archawah, DJ Kenneth Vasoli | Sat, April 15, 2017. Maxwell’s On Main. 10PM | Fb Event

Did I mishear any lyrics? Please comment with corrections.

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