Lyric For Lyric: Mondo Cozmo – Plastic Soul

Mondo Cozmo - Plastic Soul

Mondo Cozmo – “Plastic Soul”
Didn’t I see you fighting in the war
Back in nineteen forty two
Every time I shape shift into form
I’m standing there right next to you
I keep searching all these dying stars
Just to get a glimpse of you
And all I have to do to drift away
Is close my eyes and think of you

Whenever I think of her (x5)

Didn’t I see you tearing down the wall
Back in nineteen eighty nine
Didn’t you feel my hand against your heart
When I told you you were always mine

The best days of all my lives were spent dreaming of the afterlife (x3)

Whenever I think of her (x5)

The idea behind the song: “you know my wife and I always joked about if we would meet up like in the next life. If we’d keep meeting up. I just thought that was a cool way to think about things.” – Mondo Cozmo. Wow, cool indeed and it makes for a truly phenomenal song.  This song is so good it haunts me.  Especially the line “the best days of all my lives were spent dreaming of the afterlife.”  That was stuck in my head and part of the reason why I decided to post the lyrics for “Plastic Soul”.

[GREAT NEWS] Mondo Cozmo will be at Boot & Saddle on Wednesday, February 1, 2017. Tickets go on sale this Friday (11/18) at 12PM EST.  I’ll see you there!

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Live Review: Archawah at Kung Fu Necktie (10/21/16)


Since Friday night’s setting upstairs at Kung Fu Necktie felt like a house party that is how Archawah decided to approach their performance.  They played a set filled with energy, great music and entertaining banter.  Archawah delivered a performance fit for any house party and or any good time.

Earlier in the night Thee Idea Men, The Ohio Weather Band, and Anjuli Josephine performed on the upstairs stage at Kung Fu Necktie.  Each act did their best to perform as if the small crowd that gathered in this tiny venue were all that mattered.  I think they all accomplished that.

Archawah @ KFN 10-21-16


Live Review: Val Emmich & The Veeries at Maxwell’s Tavern (09/17/16)

Val Emmich & The Veeries

Val Emmich & The Veeries at Maxwell’s Tavern (09/17/16)

Seeing Val Emmich & The Veeries again clearly made my Saturday.  Val Emmich is an extremely talented singer-songwriter and The Veeries are an exceptional band.  I won’t bore you with my words I just hope that these photos and videos give an idea of the caliber of awesomeness that was displayed at this show.

VIDEO: Val Emmich & The Veeries “Wooly Mammoths” at Maxwell’s Tavern (09/17/16)
VIDEO: Val Emmich & The Veeries “Just To Feel Alive Again” at Maxwell’s Tavern (09/17/16)

Christina Alessi & The Toll Collectors opened the show performing as a three-piece band instead of their usual five-piece band arrangement.  Christina Alessi provides the vocals on Emmich’s “Hey Hey Hey”.  A song that Val Emmich & The Veeries performed during their set in the audience unplugged with Christina Alessi.  An absolutely beautiful moment.

Val Emmich & The Veeries 09-17-16


Live Review: The Album Leaf / Rituals of Mine at Johnny Brenda’s (09/15/16)

The Album Leaf

The Album Leaf @ Johnny Brenda’s 09/15/16

Thursday night The Album Leaf returned to Johnny Brenda’s, a Philly venue that Jimmy LaValle and band have played several times in the past, and this time they brought a newly released album, Between Waves, on a new record label (Relapse Records) to showcase.  The Album Leaf delivered an awe-inspiring performance filled with lush soundscapes, subtle visuals, beaming lights, machine-made haze, and an overwhelmingly beautiful ambiance.  Some things that I have become accustomed to when involving a The Album Leaf performance.  But strip away all the added elements and get to the core of the music and it is still simply amazing.  Wow!

VIDEO: The Album Leaf “Window” LIVE 09/15/16

Rituals of Mine

Rituals of Mine @ Johnny Brenda’s 09/15/16

Rituals of Mine was Thursday night’s opening band.  I don’t remember much from the first time I saw Rituals of Mine (at the time they were known as Sister Crayon) open for The Album Leaf several years ago at Johnny Brenda’s except the intense energy that the vocalist had and thankfully Terra Lopez has not lost that energy.  It makes her connection to Rituals of Mine’s music pure and uninhibited after all, what might seem like stage gaffes are actually things that happen when you’re completely in the moment like Lopez was.

Thursday night turned out to be a wonderful night of music thanks to The Album Leaf and Rituals of Mine.

The Album Leaf 09-15-16

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